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This can include incorporating more than one practice software of a talent, including “skill booster” sessions at subsequent grade ranges, or integrating skill application opportunities in other tutorial areas. A curriculum that addresses age-acceptable determinants of habits throughout grade levels and reinforces and builds on learning is more prone to achieve longer-lasting results. An efficient curriculum supplies sufficient time to advertise understanding of key health ideas and practice skills. A brief-term or “one shot” curriculum, delivered for a number of hours at one grade stage, is generally insufficient to support the adoption and upkeep of wholesome behaviors. An efficient curriculum builds essential expertise — including communication, refusal, assessing accuracy of knowledge, decision-making, planning and aim-setting, self-management, and self-management — that allow students to construct their private confidence, deal with social pressures, and keep away from or scale back risk behaviors.

The group might not realise that this might contaminate the river water they’re using for drinking. But as a Health Extension Practitioner you understand what this case might develop into. Most community members make their dwelling from selling espresso, which makes them economically stronger than related nearby villages, and literacy rates are greater than in neighbouring villages.

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