History of SVMCA

The Saginaw Area Medical Control Authority (SAMCA), was one of the first approved by the Michigan Department of Public Health EMS Division in November of 1986. The organized system of pre-hospital care in Saginaw County however, was established in 1978 and was previously known as the Saginaw Area Advanced Life Support System.

Around the year 2000 , Tuscola County became a part of the Medical Control Authority, and therefore the change in name to Saginaw Valley Medical Control Authority. However, other than the change in name, many other changes occurred and continue occurring within the next several years.

In Michigan, Medical Control Authorities are formed by statue. The hospitals within the MCA coverage area are mandated to form the MCA and administer it as an oversight body for the EMS System. The SVMCA is made up of the Chief Executive Officers of each of the participating hospitals within the Saginaw and Tuscola Counties. It is this group that has the ultimate responsibility to oversee EMS activities in these counties. Part of this responsibility is to appoint/provide a medical director, through whom the MCA provides oversight of the system. Current participating hospitals are:

Covenant Healthcare System
St. Mary's of Michigan
Caro Community Hospital
Hills and Dales General Hospital

Up to July 2001, the MCA would designate a resource facility to provide the delegated system oversight. This designation was held by St. Mary's of Michigan since the system's inception. In response to all the changes occurring and the addition of Tuscola County to the MCA, the authority voted on contracting with Synergy Medical Education Alliance, Inc (Synergy Medical) to provide all the services needed for oversight of the system.

This includes Synergy Medical contracting with an EMS Physician specialist to be the system's medical director. Therefore, one of the big changes that occurred in 2001 was the transition of medical oversight functions from St. Mary's Hospital to Synergy Medical.

Synergy Medical is a separate, non-profit medical education corporation formed in 1968 when three allopathic hospitals joined forces to create a unique teaching program. In 1971, the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University named Synergy Medical a clinical campus. Synergy Medical is managed by a Board of Trustees, which includes representatives from College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University, St. Mary's of Michigan, Covenant Healthcare and area physicians.

Currently, the SVMCA staff consist of the Medical Director, EMS Manager and EMS Coordinator, who administer and supervise the day to day operations of the EMS System.  We are fortunate to have a group of committed hospital leaders, as well as, member agencies who work hard to keep our MCA as one of the most progressive MCA's in the state of Michigan.

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